River boom – Pont de Charmes, 07

De-icing operation for our PRS used in the construction of the new two-way Charmes-sur-Rhône bridge.

The construction of this two-lane bridge will ultimately make traffic between the Ardèche and Drôme departments safer and more fluid.

Phase 1 of the project began in spring 2022, with the construction of support structures (piles, piers, abutments, etc.).

Our PRS1300s are used to create a river boom to support the loads of the equipment (cranes and site machinery used to build the structure). This river jetty is needed to move the new bridge forward on either side of the two banks, and serves as a working footbridge. The load-bearing capacity of a PRS is 1050 t.m.

Marine boom rental for 1 year

Rental of PRS1300 profiles in various lengths up to 15m and prestressing bars for one year,
Assistance in splicing and unsplicing operations with our Technicians and hydraulic equipment on site, and transport management.

Locapal PRS1300s consist of two cores, stiffeners and special end plates. Our PRS1300 have a capacity equivalent to 3.5 HEB1000. Thanks to their continuous splice, PRS1300s are suitable for heavy loads over long spans.

The benefits?

  • Robust and durable, our welded structural shapes are an integral part of our steel reuse strategy, and are used in many temporary structures.
  • Our expert Design & Methods department works with you to design tailor-made solutions.