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    Solutions provider

    Solutions provider

    Skills & People

    Understanding your business


    Our teams come from a wide range of sectors: civil engineering, metal construction, building, nuclear, demolition and shoring.

    Because they understand your business, our experienced experts and engineers provide you with a high value-added service, offering advice and assistance from start to finish, from design to completion of your project.


    locapal in brief

    french leader in temporary structures

    Locapal was founded in Bruyères-sur-Oise in 1976. For 45 years. Locapal designs, manufactures, installs and rents temporary structures for building, public works and civil engineering sites.

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    + over 22,000 tonnes of steel

    + over 22,000 tonnes of steel


    Recycled steel

    Greater Paris construction sites, construction, renovation or rehabilitation of neighborhoods, buildings and infrastructure. On a day-to-day basis, Locapal rental steel helps limit CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts in a society that is more mobile and connected than ever - without any disruption thanks to rental.

    +more than 150 projects completed

    +more than 150 projects completed

    Expert and leader in temporary structures

    On-site achievements

    Find out more about our reused steel temporary structures on the Grand Paris construction sites, throughout France and around the world. Serving major construction and public works companies in civil engineering, building, construction, demolition, site installation, marine and river works, railways, nuclear power and renewable energies.

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