Pont provisoire Suisse

Temporary bridge, VMD railway bridge Switzerland

Weekend night-time installation of a temporary bridge over railroad tracks, under SBB cut-off, as part of the preparatory work for the TP3 Uplans between Tavannes and Biel on the N16 in Switzerland, for the TP3 Infra Tunnel SA – Bieri & Grisoni S.A. consortium.

With the help of Gyger Levages, the 27-mm VMD temporary bridge designed and installed by LOCAPAL will enable heavy goods vehicles to enter the Rondchâtel freeway once it has been upgraded to two-way traffic.

INFRA TUNNEL’s mandate covers the renovation of 3 tunnels, 8 bridges, 6 water treatment basins and 3 retaining walls, as well as the creation of 2 emergency tunnels and the resumption of 4,300 meters of road infrastructure to upgrade the infrastructure and improve safety.

LOCAPAL designs modular and temporary bridges for all spans, adapted to all uses on construction sites (VMD bridges) or public flow management sites, with small, medium or long spans of up to 39ml.