Platelage lourd

Heavy-duty decking, Marseille Saint-Charles station

LOCAPAL supplied a heavy-duty decking solution to demolish existing concrete beams and reinforce others on the top level (metro) of the Gare Saint-Charles in Marseille. This decking allows it to span the metro tracks without any intermediate support, i.e. a span of 14 ml. It consists of posts, runners, bearers and trays.

The benefits?

  • Locapal made the project feasible without the customer having to invest in new steel, thanks to its reused steels.
  • Installation is carried out at night, with short lead times between the subway closing at 00:45 and reopening at 04:45. The metro tracks are locked from 01:15 to 04:15, when the absence of voltage is checked by Bec Construction management.
  • To achieve this, the Locapal engineering and design office proposed the right phasing for the installation of the framework
  • Operation for which the supervisor is present during the entire assembly process
  • Steel is supplied on site by work trains.

In all, the site will take 18 nights to erect, and the same number of nights to dismantle, scheduled for spring 2023.