Traffic decking – NCHPG, Monaco

Traffic decking in metal framework, made to measure and supplied on a rental basis.

Firstly, this decking will make it possible to widen the roadway for site machinery without disrupting traffic underneath.

This structure will then be used to prime the future roadway, which will support the formwork for future structural work.

Monaco is the scene of very high-density operations:
– Projet d’Urbanisation en Mer de Monaco, UEM Anse du Portier
– Housing project and Mareterra shopping center
– Princess Grace Hospital

Locapal’s Design & Methods and Construction teams are regularly on site with their temporary structures.

We help the teams of major construction companies to ensure the reliability of their work and meet their deadlines. We do this with our solutions, which facilitate lifting, logistical storage, traffic flow and the support of engineering structures.

Our achievements include :

– Locapal crane support at the prefabrication area for UEM precast concrete caissons
– Shoring up sea walls
– Temporary construction bridges
– Decking 3000m² logistics storage area for Mareterra
– PRS1300 deck replacement