Traffic planking – Galerie de la Batarelle, Marseille

Tailor-made traffic decks for machinery and pedestrians

As part of the renovation work on the 800-meter-long Batarelle tunnel in Marseille, Locapal is supplying 3,500 m² of decking to allow machine and pedestrian traffic, as well as machine work.

Locapal’s decking allows machines to circulate inside the gallery to reinforce the gallery vault.

Nearly 1/3 of Marseille’s drinking water flows through this gallery. The Razel-Bec – Soletanche Bachy France consortium is managing the renovation project.

A major project to lay out the trays

Our Locapal Engineering and Design Department designed the decking – with the proviso that it could be handled by a 5-ton mini-excavator, and would be suitable for 6-ton equipment.

A great deal of work went into the layout of the trays. It’s a tailor-made solution.

The decking is leased for 60 weeks. The total weight of the decking is 230 tonnes.