High-level shoring – Kirchberg water tower, Luxembourg

High-level shoring for the construction of a water tower

Today, we’re getting a bit higher, 25 meters above the ground to be precise. We’re on site to help form a slab for a water tower in Luxembourg.

The constraints are as follows:
– Provide a 25m-high work platform capable of taking the load of 2 levels of slabs and intermediate walls.
– Free up floor space to facilitate the passage of machinery and workers, thereby improving safety on the site.
– To enable the steelworker to start fitting the water tower’s barrels before dismantling the shoring.

The Locapal solution? Innovative tube shoring for great heights!

In contrast to a lightweight solution requiring the installation of a multitude of equipment, Locapal tube shoring systems limit the amount of floor space required, while offering high capacity.

The benefits?

Improved site safety thanks to better visibility on the ground
Optimized site execution schedule.

The new water tower will stand out for its integration into the surrounding space and for the multiplication of textures and colors on the facade.

The tanks and support columns will be surrounded by a variety of wood skins, creating a dynamic, lively appearance in harmony with the natural environment.

Prefabricated concrete nests for birds, bats and swifts will be built into the façade.

A nesting area for peregrine falcons is also planned at the rear of the building. Local wood will be used for the façade (Douglas fir and larch).

The water tower will comprise two tanks (600 m3 and 400 m3) with a total capacity of 1,000 m3. A total of 260 metres of stainless steel pipe will be laid. 4,700 m3 of concrete and 290 tonnes of reinforcement will be used to build the water tower.