Shoring up a building to be demolished – Chantier PB10, Puteaux, 92 – PETIT

Locapal designed and installed temporary bracing structures in reused steel for a building comprising three wings previously connected by intermediate wings. This operation was carried out as part of demolition and renovation work on office buildings in the Paris-Puteaux La Défense area, on behalf of Entreprise PETIT.

The customer demolished these intermediate wings, then the interior of the 3 main wings. As these wings were no longer braced, the customer needed to use either concrete or structural bracing in the temporary phase. With no means of delivering concrete, no cranes and a highly constrained space (La Défense sector), the structural solution was the obvious one, with bracing crosses at each end of the building designed and implemented by the Locapal team.

Bracing, underpinning and headframes with our reused steels

In addition, due to the demolition of an entire facade of the building, the customer needed to support an entire gable, which had previously been supported by concrete beam columns, and return them to the retained beams of the plinth, thanks to our temporary columns. Finally, we created the headframe, i.e. suspending the entire structure of the buildings that had been braced beforehand, while we #demolished the concrete beams that previously held them in place.

At present, the customer has pinched the remaining concrete core walls and is demolishing the beams beneath them. He demolished them and rebuilt them in the same section, because if they were reinforced, they would become too large for the architectural project.

The Locapal difference
  • Study times and meeting deadlines for this project.
  • The ability to respond rapidly to substantial needs for #structural reinforcement, thanks to the Locapal stockpile, has enabled us to commit to deadlines and meet them.
  • The customer’s in-house design office and the Locapal design office carried out the bracing studies and quickly agreed on the solution to be implemented, as did the shoring of the gable.